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PrivacyMate removes your personal information from people search sites, data brokers, telemarketers, and junk mailers


Remove your personal information from over 900 sources

Computer and Mobile Device Tracking

We limit the number of companies that can track your every move as you surf the web on your computer and mobile devices. We believe that behavioral tracking is creepy and Orwellian and you should have a right to search without having your information sold to tailor custom advertising thats targeted to you.

Protection Against Gathering and Selling Your Information

We protect the collection and sale of your personal information to the variety of threats in the marketplace. From the moment you wake up in the morning, until the time you go to sleep your activities are being collected and sold without your consent. We help put an end to the madness.

Prevention of Credit Card Offers, Junk Mail and Spam

We stop the barrage of unsolicited credit card offers, junk mail and even reduce the spam you get on a daily basis. We believe you should spend time enjoying what you love in your free time, not shredding offers and wasting paper.

Personal Information From The Web

We remove your personal information from the web from such sites PeopleFinders and Spokeo. These sites aggregate your information and share it with others without your consent making it easier for identity thieves to do their job.

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The Privacy Problem

Daily activities put our privacy at risk.

Technology, the internet, social media, and greed allow your sensitive personal information to be exploited.

Lack of Control

91% of adults feel strongly that consumers have lost control of how personal information is collected.

Information Availability

50% of users on the Internet worry about the amount of information available about them online.

Need for Boundaries

65% of users would like more control over the sources that collect their personal information.

Attempts to Remove Data

86% of users have taken basic steps to remove information, but would like to do more.

Our Privacy Pledge

Take a close look at the next Privacy Policy you read. It should explain all the ways the business with which you are interacting is collecting, storing, selling, sharing and otherwise disseminating your information.

With PrivacyMate® WE PLEDGE that your personal information will only be used to contact you about protecting your privacy. You will be notified of any changes to our Privacy Policy and this Pledge through email and on our website. If you ever need to change or remove the information you provide to us, simply send us a message and consider it done.

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